Frequently Asked Questions, answered.


What is Harvest?

Harvest is a content ecosystem. It lets you capture, learn, and share notes so you can keep what's important to you in this crazy, always-on world that we live in. We call it the easiest way to grow your mind.

Does Harvest cost money?

Harvest is completely free to use, though it costs money to run the servers behind them. You can always Buy me a coffeeBuy me a coffee as support!

Who should use Harvest?

Anyone who...
  • Reads
  • Takes notes
  • Wants to learn passively
  • Is looking to share and discover great content

Definitely you.

How does it work?

It's a cycle of Capture --> Learn --> Share --> and back again. When you are browsing or reading something, use Harvest to highlight or write any notes, and it will automatically save your note with related context (eg. date and source). You will then start getting email reminders of your note on a spaced repetition schedule to help you optimally learn and remember. Discover notes from others (and share your own!) to learn them for yourself. The more people re-save your own content, the more Harvest reputation you get.





What is spaced repetition?

Spaced repetition is a learning method. The theory is that repeated exposure over increasing intervals of time can help retain information much better than simply seeing something once the first time. Specifically, spaced repetition uses our memory capabilities to optimize for just-in-time learning; just as we are about to forget something, it will resurface the content to help us remember.

How does Harvest use spaced repetition?

Harvest uses a modified version of the original SuperMemo algorithm based off of the original Optimization of learning paper. Each time you save or add a note, Harvest creates a learning schedule of 5 notifications of increasing intervals to help you learn and remember the content. We currently only use email as the method of delivery but other notification types are in the works.